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9 Simple Locksmith Tips that You Should Know

Securing our property is always among our priorities.  Here are simple locksmith tips we have to keep in mind to help  us achieve better home security and thus allowing us to be more at peace when we are out of the house or when we are asleep.

  1. If you want the best lock, then it should be dead bolts but then of course it has to properly installed. The best tip to incorporate when installing dead bolts would be to have a security plate which has screws that are 3 inches long.  These screws will ensure that it will be able to go all the way to the wood framing of your door.
  2. For windows near any of your doors, do not use a thumb-turn deaf bolt because you are making it easy for thieves to enter your home. Don’t be that welcoming and go door double cylinder lock. With this type of lock, you’ll need to have a key inside.key
  3. If you’re trying to save on locks, that’s good but you will really have to assess your decision in buying locks on sale especially in flea markets, auction or estate sale. You may find problems later on that will entail you to spend more on locksmith service.
  4. If you purchase a new house, it is best to have all the locks rekeyed. This is to make sure all entries to your home are legal.
  5. There are keys stamped with “don’t duplicate” but these are actually duplicated all the time. Make sure you have keys that can’t be replicated; there is what we call high security locks.
  6. People always seem to be in a hurry even in spinning a dial and opening it even if it’s not yet unlocked as well as closing it with force when there seems to have a jam. This is the biggest mistake homeowners make.
  7. Be careful when choosing cheap locks, these are often mass-produced and may have low standards. Go for grade 2, at the least.
  8. Have a locksmith number handy so in cases of lock out, there is always someone to call. Having it handy means you have done prior research on the reliability of the locksmith service.
  9. Require proper identification when a locksmith service is already at your doorstep before anything else.

These tips are simple yet very helpful.

Home Security Tips

We all want to protect our family and one of the best things we can do is to start protecting our homes.  There are many ideas about home security and sometimes it can be overwhelming.  Here are some of the best for your easy reference – implementation and not costly.

Locksmith in Conventry

Locksmith in Conventry

  1. It is important to change locks whenever you have transferred into a new home.  You have no idea who has spare keys to the house and definitely you do not want strangers coming into your home.  When you misplaced keys in your house, it is also best that you change it.
  2. Installing alarm system provides the best protection. If ever there are forced entries, alarm goes off connecting to the police.  A house with an alarm system discourages any burglars from even attempting.
  3. Wirings should be installed in an un-conspicuous manner. Naturally burglars will find wirings to disconnect alarm system and you do not want them easy for them. Security wires should be hidden as much as possible.
  4. Make it a point that you give the impression that there is always a person/people in your house.  Burglars will survey houses that seem to be without anyone inside.  If you will be going somewhere especially on an extended period, make sure you arrange for trusted individuals to visit your house every now and then.  It is also best to have timing devices for lighting and other home appliances to automatically turn and off.

    Conventry Locksmith

    Conventry Locksmith

  5. Don’t be so complacent and just leave your keys in the mailbox that would be the first place burglars will check. Don’t leave your keys in obvious places, that’s the main point.
  6. To keep burglars away be sure to have a light on your entrance and back entrance. Lighting, the one with infrared sensor will automatically turn on when it senses movement.  Burglars won’t like that and so it is a good way from even coming near your home.

This should keep you safe, think about all of these and if you have not done any one of these tips, it’s best that you should now!

More tips on this video.

Prevent Car Lockout  with These Tips

There is nothing more frustrating than to be a car lock out situation.  Imagine if you cannot gain access on a rainy weather or on a midday when the sun is scorching hot, that would really be terrible.  There are several other reasons of car lockout other than you left the keys inside your car.  It could be that you can’t find your keys or it could be that your auto locking system is going crazy, it won’t just open for some reasons.  When confronted with any of these situations, a professional assistance is a good option.  But below are tips that will help you avoid car lock out situation.


Don’t lose your car keys!

Car lock outs are commonly caused by lost car keys.  This can just happen to anyone even if you are the organized type.  There will be instances when you become distracted and unfocused that you might have forgotten your car keys somewhere else.  Reduce the risk of losing your car keys by having a pouch intended just for it where you attach it to your briefcase, belt or handbag.  But of course if you lose your handbag, you lose the keys.

The value of spare car keys

Having spare keys won’t prevent lockout but it sure does provide a quick solution.  Keep a spare at home, at your office or leave a spare to your closest relative or friend.  In cases of car lock out, you can easily ask someone to bring the spare keys to you.

Attach gadgets to keys

Today, there are many products that make our lives simpler.  You can find some sort of gadget that you can attach your car keys to and when you can’t seem to locate your keys, you can trigger the beeper and a sound will go off.  Another option is to have name tag with your plate number in it, attach your keys to it, this way if somebody finds your keys, it can be returned right away.

Locksmith service

It’s always advisable to have a locksmith contact number in your pocket so that in cases of lockout whether it’s a car lock out or a house lock out, the situation can be addressed immediately.  Remember there are locksmith services providing round the clock service.

Learn From These Home Security Tips

Here are some general security tips.

  1. Go out there and check the exterior of your property. Make sure that all your windows are in good condition.  Check if windows are not broken or any of the entries you have, like in conservatories,  garage to name a few.  Remember to keep your tools locked; these may be used to gain illegal entries.  Ladders, wenches should not be left lying around.locks 2
  2. Have your locks inspected by a reputable locksmith. Regular security audit can actually help in making sure that security features in your house or any property are in place.  Windows and doors should have appropriate locks and that they should be in good condition all the time.  Remember that a lock that’s not fitted well make your property vulnerable to theft.
  3. It’s good to have light timers installed around your property as you create an impression that someone is always in your home. Opportunist thieves will be discouraged.
  4. Sensor lighting at your front and back door have double purpose. It will be easy for you to enter your home especially when it’s already late at the same time keep potential thieves away.288491653_2eebf1d6e1_o
  5. Don’t be lazy and change security alarm code, this way you ascertain that you are able to maximize security benefits it brings.
  6. Security grilles enhance your home security. Adding these to your windows would be a good idea.  Usually side windows can easily be smashed if you think of it and thieves have plenty of ways to do it.  With the grilles, they know smashing your windows is useless.
  7. If you have French doors, enhance locks with bolts at the top and bottom; for uPVC sash jammers help.
  8. You may consider having your own home security safe for your important and valuable possessions.
  9. Consider key replacement once in a while, this would surely enhance your home security. If you have just bought a house, it is better you have all locks rekeyed.

Keep your property safe all the time.  For other useful tips, you may want to revisit the blog from time to time.